Aneros MGX Syn Trident

Aneros SKU: 894757001935
Aneros MGX Syn Trident (7669807677657)
Aneros MGX Syn Trident (7669807677657)

Aneros MGX Syn Trident

Aneros SKU: 894757001935
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ENG: When it was first launched, the MGX introduced the world to the phenomenon of male G-spot orgasms. Widely praised for its balance of responsiveness, moderately focused prostate stimulation and enhanced anal sensations, for over 17 years, the MGX has been one of our most popular products. Today we proudly present the MGX Syn Trident, the synthesis of the MGX prostate massager, the newest Trident series innovations and the comfort of our most luxuriant velvet touch silicone yet.

- Moderately focused stimulation with the utmost comfort
- Specially balanced for greater responsiveness
- Recommended for new users for solo and partner play

Design features
- Ribbed stem for more defined anal stimulation
- Modified arms and tabs for superior external stimulation
- Made with FDA Approved Phthalate Free Materials

In 2002, Aneros released the world's first hands-free prostate massager, an anatomically-configured product specially balanced to work in harmony with a user's contractions. In the years since, millions of men have been introduced to the concept of prostate pleasure and the wonders of the Male G-Spot orgasm. In late 2017, we released the Trident series. These devices introduced MAMA balancing architecture and a new arm configuration that demonstrated a tremendous improvement in product performance. The public response in 2018 was overwhelming, making it clear a milestone had been reached. Going forward, we will be incorporating these design elements into our existing product line as well as our new products, establishing a new standard now and for years to come.

Product specs
Tip width: 2,03 cm
Mid-ridge width: 2,49 cm
Stem to perineum distance: 4,06 cm
Insertable length: 9,4 cm

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